The Key To Successful Use of Zoho is Not Just Development, But Continuous Support

In our years of experience as developers, we have isolated the primary problems with Zoho systems and have created a specific set of services designed to keep systems running in the long-term.


Get support exactly when you need it, not weeks later

Systems Break

We Offer
  • SLAs (guaranteed response time)
  • Deluge experts
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Error logging for custom functions

Systems Take Time to Learn

We Offer
  • Dedicated reps to learn your system
  • Long-term contracts for service
  • Ticketing system for everything from bugs to general Q&A about Zoho functionality
  • Custom Dashboard to track tickets and view documentation


Work with highly skilled and experienced developers

We Offer
  • Custom development projects (the full Zoho One Suite)
  • Zoho One implementations across any combinations of apps, including any app with an open REST API
  • Particular expertise in Zoho CRM blueprinting and cross-platform automation
  • Integrations with non-Zoho applications (e.g. Google Suite, Slack, Trello, Confluence, etc)


Keep track on changes

Systems Change

We Offer
  • Periodic Script Maintenance for custom functions version control
  • Documentation on custom builds that are key parts of the system
  • Simplified process charts and training materials for client use